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The Rivers 

The great thing about Baldwin is it’s in the center of Century Circle – which is the best trout, steelhead, and salmon fishing in the world.  Not only do you have the famous Pere Marquette River in your backyard; you have many great rivers with a 40 minute radius.

Baldwin Creek
The most local river in the area is the Baldwin Creek River.  This historic river is located on the north branch of the Pere Marquette and was the first river in the country to house a brown trout. With the drowned timber and large amount of private property on this river it sees little pressure and many of its fish die of old age.  I keep this river stocked around the lodge to help area fishing.

Pere Marquette River
The name is historic among the trout fishing community and has become well know for excellent steelhead and salmon fishing.  From M-37 to Walhalla the river holds a nice gradient and is a legitimate trout river the whole way.

Little Manistee River
This River is the brooding ground for all the great lakes steelhead.  Because of its natural gravel bottom this river holds great natural reproduction.  Look for great trout and salmon fishing in the middle of the summer on our adventurous float.  

Pine River
The most popular canoe river in Michigan with its great gradient and beautiful scenery the Pine is a delight for the adventuress.  The Pine houses a large brown trout population. 

Lower and Upper Manistee Rivers
Big chrome steelhead and salmon always pier this river below Tippy Dam throughout the year.  Almost any month of the year you can catch a steelhead below this world famous tail water.  The Upper Manistee all the way to Grayling MI has superb trout fishing and is a must for the summer hatches it brings. 

Muskegon River
This River is paired with the most consistent winter steelhead fishing and great trout fishing.  The big water will provide for a good fight for the chrome brutes.

White River
Close to the town of Hesperia you will find a jewel of a stream with a great run of steelhead and walleye in the spring.  A must fish for those fishing the Century Circle.


Rivers near Baldwin Creek Lodge